Hey, thanks for stopping by.

For those new here, Lift Large And Prosper is a site I created to share some thoughts I find interesting and to give me a way to try to refine some of the ideas that I have in my head. It started off as just a strength and conditioning site, but over the years branched out into anything I’d consider to be personal development.

I don’t write here that often anymore, but that’s not to say that the website is dead; I will probably tidy it all up again eventually, but as of now this is purley a holding location for the archive of posts which somehow got all jumbled up when I moved them back to wordpress.

If you do find something here that you’d like to discuss a little more, reach out to me via email or twitter; I’m always looking for an excuse to talk a little more in-depth about something and over the years its lead to the creation of some of my most treasured friendships.

All that said, I hope your days are filled with coffee, food, and good friends.


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