Hey, thanks for stopping by.

For those new here, Lift Large And Prosper is a site I created to share some thoughts I find interesting and to give me a way to try to refine some of the ideas that I have in my head. It started off as just a strength and conditioning site, but over the years branched out into anything I’d consider to be personal development.

I don’t write here that often anymore, but that’s not to say that the website is dead; I do plan to start writing here again in the coming months. Until then, feel free to check out the archives for anything that might take your fancy.

If you do find something here that you’d like to discuss a little more, reach out to me via email or twitter (links in the sidebar); I’m always looking for an excuse to talk a little more in-depth about something and over the years its lead to the creation of some of my most treasured friendships.

I do still write somewhat regularly over on Medium, but the tone of that stuff is very different. That’s a place I go to practice my creative abilities as a writer, and as such will be a mix of everything and anything.

All that said, I hope your days are filled with coffee, food, and good friends.


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