Lift Large And Prosper Gets A Makeover

Over the last nine months or so Lift Large And Prosper (LLAP) has been in a bit of a transition phase. The original blogger website, a personal blog outlining my fat loss progress at the time, has evolved and become something a bit more expansive. It has ended up going in a direction where I voice my thoughts, not only on health and nutrition, but on mindset, lifestyles and personal aspirations. It has been a source of my own improvement, an outlet where I strive to improve my skills and knowledge as both a writer and as someone looking to fulfill his full potential across a number of different streams.

Although the question of keeping it up and going was never one that needed thought, I wasn’t sure where I wanted it to go or what I wanted it to be. I toyed with one idea, only to change it again a few weeks later. This isn’t ideal for either myself as the sole writer or as you guys reading the thing. So over the last number of weeks and months I have thought long and hard about the future direction of LLAP and its long term plans.

To that end, a new chapter has opened up for the site. It has received a fresh new look and will be getting regular post updates. There are plans for a number of future product releases down the line and for those subscribed to the LLAP newsletter, I will be releasing a free guide on how to create and maintain a positive mindset in this stressful world. You can sign up to this newsletter and secure your access to this guide here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who read LLAP. This site gets a larger number of people then I would ever have expected and for that I thank you. With out the readers of this site, it would be nothing.

Remember, if you want access to the upcoming Positivity guide, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter as there will be no other way to get access!

So for now, be sure to Lift Large, And Prosper!



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